Colour coated coil’s


Process of PPGI (Pre Painted Galvanised Iron)

PPGI process is a organic roll coating process. Mainly the cleaning, pretreatment, Primer coating, finish coating and Baking.
Cleaning is mainly to remove the oil grease and loose particle available on Galvanized material by degreasing method and cleaning with cold and hot water rinse. Final rinsing will be with De mineralized water to ensure no residue available on strip surface.

After cleaning both side pretreatment chemicals to be applied by roll coating system which ensures the uniform coating thickness of chemicals improved the better bonding between metal surface and primer.

Primer and Top paint coating thickness to be applied as per customer specification by roll coating system. Baking OR Curing is to be done by oven with uniform temperature specified by the paint supplier Or paint type.
Guard film application is an optional arrangement and applied in line OR off line as per customer requirement. peb

Technical Flow Diagram :


Content Specification’s :

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Coil Packing:

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Workshop Environment:

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RAL Colour Chart:-

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